VoiVa – Empowering Old Age Coop was established in 2017 as a national non-governmental organisation focusing on preventing violence and abuse of older people. VoiVa cooperative acts as an organization carrying social responsibility in the society. Its mission is to protect older people from violence and abuse and to support older people and their families to become free from violence. In addition, the mission is to generate positive change in older people’s lives by empowering them to live as active engaged citizens and to secure their human rights. The aim of VoiVa is to make ageism and discrimination visible in the society through awareness raising activities by networking and in partnership with other organizations.

The activities carried out by VoiVa focus on adult education and training, professional support for older people and social and health care professionals as well as prevention of gender-based violence. Although VoiVa is a new organization, its members have long-standing work experience in the field of violence against women, elder abuse and training and research both at national and EU levels.